Some Special Extras…

  Here’s a small sampling of places and events I have covered for my various outlets: Beverly Hills Oscar parties, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), South Korea, Japan, Fiij, Curacao, Chile, Iceland, South Africa, St. Croix, Honduras, Finland, Estonia, Bali, India, Israel, Taiwan, Tahiti, Thailand, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Jamaica, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Estonia, Switzerland, Quebec, Maritime Canada, New Orleans, The Netherlands and Spain.

Elysein Basel2 CruisinginGeneva2 ElyseinBasel3roi ElyseinLausann

2014-07-27 22.28.522014-07-27 20.06.012014-07-31 17.23.31  2014-08-02 10.50.38

2014-08-02 09.30.16ElyseMahoutCamp1


2014-05-16 11.54.122014-05-14 22.04.362014-05-15 01.38.022014-05-17 17.23.20

2014-05-07 13.29.27 2014-05-02 15.17.41 2014-02-15 16.21.19 FTWPhoto Brwed

WithJackWellington2 PrettyInMiddleEARTH  RayMcVinnieandElyse  2013-09-04 16.02.09 2013-09-05 23.06.042013-09-15 22.04.23 2013-09-17 17.13.56SenioritaMalauva2PARCGUELL22013-10-10 12.48.02

2013-06-14 11.04.45DSCN0354 DSCN0179

DSCN0092 DSCN0306 DSCN0709

HeinekenLabel2013-03-22 03.09.242013-03-25 03.13.582013-03-18 09.25.39

2013-03-25 03.25.57ElyseSnow22013-03-17 02.14.00


IMG_39222012-11-13 15.03.222012-11-11 13.35.32

Stewart Weitzman 2005 Academay Awards Party The 2005 Cocktail World Cup, Queenstown, NZ
In Macau with Philip Chang and his CrewMarket Square, BaselNo room at the Inn

Bali, Indonesia Berneo, Near Bilbao, Spain Gubbio, ItalyWith Philip Chang at Lou Lok iim Garden, MacauHelsinki’s Historic Kamp HotelTallinn, EstoniaMaking Sachertorte in Vienna

At the Rathaus in Hamburg, GermanyWith Designer Nicky Wallace in DublinPiazza Del Populo, RomeIMG_2634IMG_4669IMG_4679


At the River Cafe with Irvina Lew, Karen Berliner and Kristin from Tourism Calgary

At the River Cafe with Irvina Lew, Karen Berliner and Kristin from Tourism Calgary

Malaka, Borneo, Malaysia

Malaka, Borneo, Malaysia


  1. Hermosos lugares que has visitado. Pero te falta uno de los lugares más hermosos del mundo: Bariloche en Patagonia Argentina. Mi nombre es….Mario Glickman y vivo entre Buenos Aires y Bariloche. Un placer haber visitado tu página.

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