Writer, Editor & Web Content Provider


I am a journalist, editor, copywriter, and web content provider in Los Angeles with more than 20+ years of experience in magazines, newspapers, web content, and P.R./Advertising materials. Areas of focus include food & beverage, travel, health & wellness, fashion, beauty, entertainment & arts, real estate, interior design, community topics, and business profiles.

Long-term professional credits include U.S. West Coast Editor for women’s fashion/lifestyle web site and magazine Lucire; editor-at-large contributor to trade magazines Bar BusinessTasting Panel (as well as sister magazines SOMM and The Clever Root); content coordinator for Best Version Media’s Los Angeles-area titles Studio City Neighbors and Sherman Oaks Living; and Senior Editor (Food & Travel) at C-Suite Quarterly Magazine (CSQ) between 2009-2017Senior Editor for regional lifestyle and culture publications Boulevard & Gorgeous between 2002-2016; and long-time contributor to consumer travel magazines Taste & Travel, Intermezzo and SIP.

My work has also appeared in Travel Age West, Hidden Hills, Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia, The Real Deal, La Reppublica, Ventura Boulevard, Premier Traveler, In the Mix, The Jewish Journal, Los Angeles Business Journal, Whole Life Times, and Malibu Times.


2 thoughts on “Writer, Editor & Web Content Provider

  1. Hi Elyse,

    I just took a look at your website and am impressed; I know writing is a hard dollar.

    Please check out my website: ericmadeen.com. Since you’re a writer I think you’d enjoy “Writing in Progress,” which concerns expat writers in Paris taking me to their favorite places there. You may also like “In Conrad’s Wake” and “A Fortune Told,” which is about Chinese astrology. And of course my novel Tanga:)!

    Happy New Year of the Dog (my year), Elyse!


    Eric Madeen

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply, but thank you so much for responding to my letter! As for editors moving around, that’s indeed an occupational hazard as you can be in good standing one minute and out the next when the new guy brings in his friends. I know of Jean Tarshis through a PR friend who has attempted to pitch him a few things.

      I have a few balls in the air, but I am noting your website so I can look at it when I have a few moments.

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