Boulevard & Gorgeous

(Senior Editor, Food & Beverage)

About Boulevard Magazine: Boulevard is distributed approximately the 15th every other month with a distribution of 25,000 and a readership of over 75,000 targeted affluent adults ranging from 25-60 years of age – primarily 75% women and 25% men. The readership, covering Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley and Pasadena, encompasses targeted high traffic retail establishments such as upscale restaurants, boutiques, salons, spas, book stores, newsstands and more. It celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2013, and I have been with the publication as a writer and editor since Fall 2002. Sister publication Gorgeous, circulating in West Hollywood, Silver Lake and other trendy areas, was launched in 2009 as a lifestyle and culture magazine for the local LGBT community.

Other topics covered:

  • Local Business Profiles
  • Celebrity Profiles
  • Restaurateur Profiles
  • Fashion
  • Home/Interior Design

June – July 2016

BLVDJune16Cvr DarlingNikki TuningFork Counter

bbqStk1 bbqStk2 bbqStk3
bbqStk4 bbqStk5 OtherRestos

April – May 2016

CoverB220 CalCuisine1  CalCuisine2

CalCuisine3 copy DOApril1 DOApril2

DOApril3  DOApril4 DOApril5

LittleToni Roccos

February – March 2016
Blvd219cover  JasmineThaib219 Adoreb219 JeanPierreElyse 

B219Spinning1 B219Spinning2 B219Spinning3
 B219FineDining2 B219FineDining3

B219AdvertiserDining1 B219AdvertiserDining2 B219AdvertiserDining3 B219AdvertiserDining4

December 2015/January 2016

Dec15CvrLetter1215 SirMichael fusion

DoAdvertisers1 DoAdvertisers2 DoAdvertisers3

FineDining1  FineDining2 FineDining3


October/November 2015

CoverOctNov BMPP MissionOct

SlidingDoorOct Colombos Avanti

Italian1 Italian2 Italian3


DiningOutOct1 DiningOutOct2 DiningOutOct3


August/September 2015

BLVDSeptCver2015 Seafood1

Seafood2 Seafood3 Seafood4

DiningOutSEpt1 DiningOutSept2 DiningOutSEpt3


ShermanOaks1 ShermanOaks2 ShermanOaks3

Cameron EncinoFireplace FabioLeather GlendaleTile

OldPasadena SeenOn Westside

June/July 2015

June15cvrblvd OliviaProfile

steak1 Steak2 Steaks3Steaks4

Massage Counter Blujam AsSeenOn

DiningOut DOSteak2 DOSteak3 DoSteak4

March/April 2015

B214Cover B214Letter B214Arists

B214FarmToTable B214FarmTable3 B214FarmTable2

B214SpringEats1 B214SpringEats2 B214SpringEats3

B214SpringEats4 B214SpringEats5 B214SpringEats6 B214MissionWest B214NewMoon

January/February 2015

b213Cover B213epic B213Diamonds B213Bakerycakes

b213Breakfast1 b213Breakfast2 b213Breakfast3 B213Breakfast4

b213Diningout1 b213Diningout2 b213Diningout3

b213Diningout4b213Diningout5 b213Diningout6

b213India1 b213India2 b213India3

b213Mazarrinob213oneup  b213GCMarketplce

b213Breakfast1 b213Breakfast2 b213Breakfast3


November/December 2014

Cover LetterDOone

DinOut2 DinOut3 DinOut4

Foodies1Foodies2 Foodies3

Gifts1 Gifts2 Gifts3

JeanPierre Hanukah Cocktails LotusKitty Plate38

TasteChicago TheMeatco

September/October 2014

Cover Intro Cordoba BluJam

BigMama SlidingDoor Italian1 Italian2

Diningout1 diningout2 DiningOut3 DiningOUt4

July/August 2014

AUGUSTCOVER AugustMasthead LatinOne Latin2 Latin3

DiningOutAug Diningout2 LumKaNad Mia Ushuaia Counter

May/June 2014

JuneJulyCoverBlvd asianDining1 AsianCuisine2aAsianCuisine3

AsianCuisine4AsianRestaurateurs   Cavatina1PatioworldRudyMartinez1

Diningout1 Diningout2 DiningOut3 Diningout3a DiningOut4

March/April 2014

BLVDAprilCover diningout diningout2 Diningout3


RestaurateursAprilGyoroGyiro Malbecpizzarev


January/February 2014

CoverFebBoulevardLeonardoRestoProfiles  ROmanticRestos

GastronomyTour BerrisBest AhiSushiProfileFashionforSpring



November-December 2013

BoulevardDec13cvr BerrisCafe WBAW122013 Neapolos1213

DRessedDinner1 DressedDinner2 DressedDinner3 MagPi

September-October 2013

BoulevardCoverFall2013 ItalianRestos1 ItalianREstos2 Nicolas2

GyoroGyoro2 CasaCordoba BluJam Voltagio Slidingdoors

July-August 2013

BoulevardJulyCoverMarielBoulevardBlueMoonBlvd GyoroGyoro1July


May-June 2013



March-April 2013


February 2013-Boulevard Reboot





December 2015

GorgeousDec15cvrGorgeousDec15ltrGorgeousDec15tileGorgeousDec15Adore  GorgeousDec15BMPP

GorgeousDec15Bars  GorgeousDec15Dining

June 2015

GorgeousJune TomFinland Westsidetile Mazzarino

February 2015

G204Cover G204Letter G204Epic G204LaBoehme G204Raffi G204TasteChicago

October 2014

Gorgeous14CVR Gayweddings1 GayWdddings2 GayWeddings3

GorgeousFallfood1 GorgeousFood3GorgeousFallfood4 Caoiti

BMPP BluJamFall14 Plate38 SlidingdoorsFall14

May 2014

Gorgeouscover PrideRestaurantGuide1 PrideFoodGuide2 Priderestoguide3

PrideFoodGuide4 SilverLakeDining WeddingGuide1 WeddingGuide2


January 2014

GorgeousCover1 Spa1 Spa2 spa3 Raffi

Berris slidingdoor sandracostaMichaelVoltagio

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