Premier Traveler

About Premier TravelerPremier Traveler is a consumer magazine giving voice to, “the frequent traveler, the global traveler, the business traveler, the executive traveler, the leisure traveler and the premium traveler.” While the publication features travel destination stories covering hotels, gastronomy and automotive adventures (among other topics), the heart and soul of the publication revolves around news reported on the activities the airline, hotel, loyalty programs and other fields within the travel industry to keep PT’s quality-minded readers well informed, as well as opportunities for the readership to voice concerns and discuss their experiences on the road.

May/June 2016

SeoulPlanePT SeoulPT1SeoulPT23

October/November 2015


August/September 2015

PTAugustSept15CvrPTAugustSept15CHotels  PTAugustSept15Loyalty

PTAugustSept15News PTAugustSept15News2

June/July 2015


PTBiagiFeature   HotelUpdate615






PTMay15HotelFB  PTmay15Hotel2

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