Portfolio: Consumer Magazines, 2002-2016

A selection of my articles from a variety of different magazines, newspapers and web sites. To view articles, simply click the link or thumbnail photo of the pages and drag image to your desktop!

Alternatively, individual articles can be requested by contacting me at ejglickmanmedia@gmail.com.

Outlets and Publishers include:

  • Audrey Magazine
  • BeEWoman
  • Brentwood Magazine
  • Dining Out
  • Enchanted Bride Magazine
  • FIT Magazine
  • Fresh Cup
  • German World
  • Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia/Harper’s Bazaar Singapore
  • Hidden Hills
  • Inspired Home
  • Las Vegas Woman
  • Media That Deelivers (JWest/Legends/LQRS) Hotel Custom Publishing, Arizona Foothills and Estates West
  • Metro Mix (Published by the Los Angeles Times)
  • New You
  • From house to HOME/Wedding Vow/SE7EN/Casa y Hogar (Publication Services of America)
  • NUVO
  • Sportswear International
  • Valley Magazine/L.A. Bride
  • Ventura Boulevard
  • WhereLA
  • Whole Life Times
  • 944 Los Angeles

Hidden Hills

Fall 2016


callovehh3 callovehh4

Summer 2016

HHCoversummer16 AMAHH1 AMAhh2
Kolbes1 Kolbes2 Kolbes3

Spring 2016

Schotz1 Schotz2 Schotz3
Schotz4 Schotz5

Audrey Magazine

AudreySpring15 HongKongFoodieTours



JWest Magazine (JW Marriott Hotels)/Legends (Hotel Del Coronado)/LQRS (La Quinta Resort & Spa)

jwestwine4web2 jwestorganic1jwestorganics2jwestorganics3jwestorganics4

Arizona Foothills & Estates West

Ventura Boulevard Magazine


VBHoliday2012 5Yaeger1Yaeger2


Whole Life Times

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 8.37.15 AMScreen shot 2013-06-01 at 8.38.06 AMScreen shot 2013-06-01 at 8.38.57 AMScreen shot 2013-06-01 at 8.39.10 AMScreen shot 2013-06-01 at 8.39.21 AM


German World

GWJune2015 GWJune2015 1 GWJune2015 2 GWJune2015 3

GWSwitzerland20141 GWSwitzerland20142 GWSwitzerland20143 GWSwitzerland20144

GWSummer2013 GWJewish1 GWJewish2




Valley Magazine/L.A.Bride Magazine


Brentwood Magazine (2002-2006)


Publication Services of America (PSA): From house to HOME, Wedding Vow & SE7EN

from house to HOMEgeoff rossFrom house to HOMEH2H Wine Cellar Story



BeE Woman

Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia

Fresh Cup Magazine


Enchanted Bride Magazine: 


NUVO Magazine (Canada)


New You Magazine

New You Macaunewyoumacau2.jpg

Las Vegas Woman Magazine

Cocktails for weddings, with and without liquor LVBCocktail1LVBCocktails2 Cocktails from Top Women Bartenders: lvw_dec-jan09_v3

Dining Out Magazine

944 Los Angeles
944holidaycocktails1.jpg944holidaycocktails2a.jpg944 Los Angeles944sommelier2.jpg

MetroMix Los Angeles (a subsidiary of the Los Angeles Times)

Inspired Home Magazine

FIT Magazine



WHERE L.A. Magazine/Los Angeles Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Where Los AngelesEver Carradine ProfileJulian Lennon in WhereLA


JWest Magazine (JW Marriott Hotels)/Legends (Hotel Del Coronado)/LQRS (La Quinta Resort & Spa)

jwestwine4web2 jwestorganic1jwestorganics2jwestorganics3jwestorganics4

Arizona Foothills & Estates West
(Note: Links to the sites for these and other magazines I write for can be found at the “Haute Links” area of this site!)

Boulevard Magazine-(2002-2008)

Boulevard Jewelrybling-b141-p2.jpg

Check out samples of my “Foodies” column, which I developed for Boulevard and ran from 2002-2006. It helped establish my presence in the food and beverage world.

Quill-The Magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists


It’s Your Life (Las Vegas, NV )

IYL Amsterdamiylamsterdam2.jpg

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