Lucire Magazine

Lucire Magazine Mission Statement/From publisher Jack Yan:

“A luxury international publication and the world’s first fashion magazine that went from web to print. A series of covetable, collectible magazines, Lucire has grown in print internationally, covering the part of the market that wishes to have the tactile connection of a printed fashion magazine. The award-winning internet pioneer (from 1997) that weathered the first dot-com crash, featuring in-depth articles, videos and Web 2·0 features including online shopping, forums and upcoming social networks. And, leading the charge, it was the first fashion industry partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (2003). It’s always begun on paths long before they were fashionable. Unlike many cross-media fashion titles, the website is still at the core of all our publications.

I have written for Lucire since 2005, and in 2006 was brought on as the magazine/site’s West Coast U.S. Editor.

Print Articles, 2005 – Present 


Issue No. 37


Lucire 37 Amsterdam (Click on link or cover to read full story)


Lucire 37 Gerry Kelly

Issue No. 36


LeslieZ3 LeslieZ4


LeslieZ11 LeslieZ12

Fall2016 Tanna1 Tanna2

Tanna3 Tanna4

Edwards1Edwards2Edwards3 Edwards4

LucireCoverq22015 Belldini1 Belldini2
 LucieSwiss1LucieSwiss2 LucieSwiss3
LucieSwiss4 LucieSwiss5 LucieSwiss6
amarte1 amarte2
EvaUpdate1 EvaLaRue2 EvaUpdate3 EvaLaRue4
Puglia1better Puglia2 Puglia3 Puglia4
Puglia6 Puglia8 Puglia9 puglia10
DaisyFuentes1 Daisy2 Daisy3 Daisy4
Iceland1 Iceland2 Iceland3 Iceland4
Iceland5 iceland6 iceland7 iceland8 icealnd9

MalaysiaLucire1MalaysiaLucire2MalaysiaLucire3MalaysiaLucire4 MalaysiaLucire5


Online Articles


MadisonMullholland17 GGSecretRoom17

LucirePHX1 PhoenixLCR2


Pretty WomanLucire






GBKEmmys2014DorisEmms2014TeenChoice2014WOwemmys2014 Archive (2005-2010)

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