Liquid Living Magazine–Created by Elyse Glickman

Liquid Living Magazine, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief 2010-2012

The concept for what became “Liquid Living” was originally developed in 2007 as “Palate,” with the encouragement, assistance and support of Jack Yan (publisher of Lucire Magazine and and Kim Malakowsky, (publisher/editor at Wedding Vow and From house to HOME).  In late 2010, the concept was revived with an editor at one of my beverage trade magazines as a hybrid consumer lifestyle magazine/trade book, based on the way we observed wine, beer, spirits and cocktails becoming integral to a generation that equated a stylish lifestyle with authenticity and craft products rather than mass-produced products.

The goal of Liquid Living was to empower our readership to embrace culinary exploration, experimentation and making “great discoveries” in beverages and food while becoming more educated consumers in the process. In contrast to other magazines focused on the niche element of the mixology, beer and wine worlds, our magazine and articles would make those worlds inclusive, approachable and integral to the home entertaining lifestyle trend which was on the rise and is still growing.

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Complete Issues

LLM Issue #1


LLM Issue #2


LLM Issue #3


LLM Issue #4


LLM Issue #5


Liquid Living Media Kit


Complete Issues

From Issue #6

AfricaCover Africa2 Africa3 Africa4

From Issue #5


LLMAsia2 LLMAsia3

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