*For Your Consideration: Testimonials, Awards & Resume*



If you’re considering hiring me as a writer, editor, or content producer, call 310.497.7157 or email me at ejglickmanmedia@gmail.com. A sample resume is attached, and I will be happy to send an updated resume along with writing samples specific to the publication, project or assignment!

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Elyse Glickman Resume




Honorable Mention-Best B-2-B Feature/Gamma Awards, Magazine Association of the Southeast.
Chilean Pisco: Walking the LIne, In The Mix Magazine, Summer 2012 (awarded Fall 2013)


Honorable Mention-Best B-2-B Feature/Gamma Awards, Magazine Association of the Southeast.
Some_Like_it_Hot, In The Mix Magazine, Winter 2011 (awarded 2012)


Testimonials from Editors and P.R. Associates

The following testimonials are from editors who have assigned and published my work and publicists whose clients have been featured in my copy.  I have included a bit of everything, as I have found over the years that happy publicists often result in happy clients and happy editors!


As our beverage columnist, Elyse Glickman always goes more than an extra mile when researching a certain topic and interview a variety of experts. She also actively seeks out useful information for charts, recipes, and other extras our readers find valuable in fortifying their bar bottom line.

Kathy Furore, Editor, El Restaurante

Elyse Glickman is a fantastic, versatile, prolific writer, and thoughtful editor.  I love working with you, and feel you have brought a lot to our (Best Version Media) Sherman Oaks and Studio City Magazines as our Content Coordinator.

Daniel Lewin, Publisher 

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!  And a huge THANK YOU for this!!!! Your story is AMAZING and your journalism is truly beautiful.  It takes a gifted writer to describe everything so perfectly.  I just can’t thank you enough and I’m sure that everyone at the Boulders will be equally appreciative. And we all hope you will return soon. With thanks and gratitude!

-Debi Bridges, for the Boulders Resort & Spa, March 2017  

Thanks for all your great contributions to the magazine over the years. You have been, by far, the most reliable freelancer I’ve worked with who always produced quality content to boot.

-Chris Ytuarte, Editor at Bar Business, 2008-2016.


Your feature in Bar Business Magazine (“A League of Their Own,” June 2015) was astonishing! Demi Stevens is a beloved client of ours for multiple reasons, and you magically highlighted all of them! Your writing is impeccable, and while Demi is a tough one to impress, we have to say you blew everyone’s socks off, including hers! Working with you is an absolute pleasure and the entire Melrose PR team looks forward to future partnerships to highlight our other clients just as seamlessly.

-Kelley Weaver and Melrose Public Relations.



ITMSpring2014 1

Mike Raven, Editor-in-Chief, In the Mix


-Raspin Stuwart, Publisher & Editor, On the Boulevard Media, Published April 2014

“I want you to know how important you have been to PSA Magazines over the past many years.  PSA succeeds in part due to writers like you who have been loyal, innovative and flexible.”

-Kim Malakowsky, Editor/Founder, Inspired Home Magazine (Also served as editor for From house to HOME and Wedding VOW, owned by Publication Services of America)

“I’ve worked with Elyse Glickman for the past two years on various client projects and she’s a great contact for any publicist in home design, hospitality, and travel, particularly food, restaurants, wine, and spirits. When I met her two years ago at Tales of the Cocktail, she took time to tell me about all the assignments in which she was involved, what she needed from a spirits’ client with clear guidelines.

After she submits her stories, Elyse keeps me updated on any relevant changes that I need to inform the client. Too, after the story appears, she sends a handy link. Perhaps this extra effort comes from having been on this side of the business and knowing what we need to deliver to our clients. From what I gather, Elyse is tirelessly turning up opportunities for herself, among which is starting Liquid Living, a hard copy and online magazine. If Elyse is involved, I’d put my money on its success. She’s been a great resource, a pleasure to work with and I recommend her wholeheartedly to any publicist.”

-Petrina  Fisher  Wells, Wells Marketing Group

I have worked with Elyse Glickman since 2004 when she and joined forces for a story focused on luxury scotch and golf resorts that ran simultaneously in Patterson’s Beverage Journal and Estates West Golf. I was so impressed with her writing, story angles and even photography that I since have hired her back for several of our custom publishing magazines for resort hotels (including JW Marriott, La Quinta, and Hotel Del Coronado) as well our Arizona Foothills and Estates West magazine web sites.  I believe her versatility and creativity would make her an asset to any lifestyle publication, either in print or on line.

-Hayley Mitchell, Media That Deelivers Publishing, Scottsdale, AZ

I was introduced to Elyse Glickman’s work as a writer and editor via Beverage Industry News, and really enjoyed working with her during our time at Food & Beverage Magazine. While I gave her freelance assignments focused on restaurant industry trends (such as interior design, economy-driven promotions and the evolving industry of food tourism in the U.S.), she had a nice way of making her copy engaging while hitting the necessary business issues.  She also did a fine job on pieces that had her traveling to other cities, from San Diego to Calgary to Montego Bay, Jamaica, to show our readership what restaurateurs were doing to get and retain customers in these places.

She is also exceptionally good at meeting her deadlines and taking direction when and if rewrites are needed.

-Francine Cohen, Food & Beverage Magazine Editor (through 2009)

I just shared your story (“Made in the Shade,” Fresh Cup Magazine, April 2009) with my CEO and told him how impressed I was with your diverse stories and their publications. I also said you were by far the most productive of all the reporters who went on the three trips we took to Honduras last year (tourism/hospitality, light manufacturing, and agribusiness). The FIDE people (Honduras) were very pleased with the articles, by the way. I hope one of these days we get another client and a budget for press trips so I can invite you somewhere else!

-Kristine Heine, Executive Vice President, Global Communicators, Washington, D.C.

Elyse, I just wanted to say thanks for interviewing me for the BIN article in your coverage (new spirits entering the market).  I thought you did an excellent job, particularly with a writing style.  It’s something sorely lacking among the new crop of journalism grads I see, and it’s nice to see standards are still being upheld in the beverage media world.

-Steve Raye, Brand Action Team (marketing  firm for Silk Vodka, Leblon Cachaca and Senor Frog’s Tequila)

Great seeing you again at the (Canadian Tourism-sponsored Los Angeles Media dinner).  You are such a great writer, and these articles on Calgary (in Jewish Exponent, Food & Beverage, and Lucire) are awesome! Thanks so much for sending them along.  I appreciate it.

-Judy Love Rondeau, Travel Media Relations, TRAVEL ALBERTA

“Elyse has been a strong supporter of my clients and projects from BWR Public Relations onwards.  She’s a great writer–both knowledgeable and curious–and gets the most from each of her subjects. She’s welcome at all the things we do.”

-Henry Eshelman, Platform Group (public relations)

Elyse enhances every publication that is lucky enough to have her involvement.”

-Lisa Tardrew, Former Director of Advertising, LUCIRE Magazine

“I worked very well with Elyse. She wrote a great and detailed story (for Beverage Industry News) about the Bavaria Brewery. Great job!

-Daan Bastijn, Bavaria Brewery, The Netherlands

“Elyse is a great person to work with. She is always very responsive and helpful, giving great honest feedback to pr professionals like myself. Elyse returns calls and emails regularly and is willing to work to find ways to help get the client press coverage. She is an excellent writer, and I highly recommend working with her if given the opportunity.”

-Nicole Wool, Russo-Fisher Public  Relations

“Elyse is a prolific writer with a good acumen for getting the story. She has been very supportive of our events and we are always glad when she is involved in getting the story out.”

-Benjamin Torres, Publicist-The Event Division

“Elyse is a fantastic writer, she always has impeccable taste and a wonderful way with words.”

-Jane Owen, Jane Owen Public Relations


As published in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, November 2015



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