Expert Journalism + Marketing Content Creation*


*My work encompasses print and online journalism, copyediting, public relations, advertising copy, website business content and social media. Fields of expertise include culinary (food + beverage), travel, health + wellness, fashion, beauty, real estate, interior design, entrepreneur profiles, philanthropy, business topics and entertainment + arts. All of it adds up to content perfectly tailored for every publication, project and purpose.

This website presents my writing portfolio and credentials, emphasizing recent accomplishments as well as showcasing earlier projects of note. For a more detailed overview, click on “About Elyse Glickman” or “Resume, Testimonials + Awards” at the top of the menu. Published articles and projects are organized into “Consumer” and “Trade Journal” categories, and then broken down by publication names or genres. One-off and limited run projects are assembled under the “Portfolio” banners. Thumbnail pictures of articles link to PDFs, online links or both.

Thank you for visiting, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions, information requests or comments.